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How do I make money in web3?

There are many ways to earn money in crypto. Try each of them and choose the one that you like most. Right, we will teach you everything for free and provide you with a step by step guide. Deal?


NFT, Staking, Mining...

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Frequently asked questions

What crypto assets can I earn?

We partner with trusted & credible projects to offer an easy way to learn about web3 and earn crypto assets as a reward.

If I don't complete the quest, then I don’t get the crypto reward?

You get a free cryptocurrency allocated to fulfill tasks as soon as you start learning and additional rewards after you complete the quest. You can also earn crypto if you participate in tournaments and double your crypto rewards using NFTs with additional benefits!

Can I withdraw my crypto rewards?

Yes, you can! Any time in any convenient way.
If you want to earn more, you can buy NFT and get double rewards or early access to the new courses!

What do I need to know and do to start earning?

You can earn even if you're a beginner! All you need for a start is complete the quest.

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Want to become a partner?

We are looking for web3 projects in search of new users. Contact us to discuss partnership.